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How to get to Island Rock Resort - Mozambique & Other Useful Travel Information

What to bring

  • Documents: Drivers’ license, ID, Passport, Vehicle & Trailer registration papers
  • Two red emergency triangles

Casitas are equipped with kitchen utensils, mattresses and a gas stove. Please be sure to bring your own freezer, bed linen, gas, chairs & table, braai grid. Click here to download a complete inventory.

  • Guests staying in the Lapa need to bring their own braai grid.
  • Extensions are recommended. Campers specifically booked for sites 9B – 9I, require at least a 20 meter extension.
  • Water cans (25L for e.g.) come in handy as there are no running water at any of the sites except at the Lapa’s and ablutions.
  • Launching licenses are to be obtained at reception on arrival at the Resort.

Road Map to Island Rock Resort - Mozambique


At Maputo take turn off to Xai Xai.  Approximately 500km north of Maputo,just as you pass through the small town of Lindela, keep right at the split towards Inhambane.  4km After the split turn right to Jangamo.  From the circle in town follow the yellow arrows to the resort.  (Approximately 19km sand road)

GPRS for Island Rock Resort: S 24° 09’ 39’’ E 35° 28’ 20’’

Toll Gates

  • Diamond Hill Plaza (N4 Bronkhorspruit) R30
  • Middelburg: R50
  • Machado: R75
  • Nkomazi (N4 Kaapmuiden): R57
  • Moamba (between Lebombo border & Maputo): 135  Mt
  • Maputo: 25 Mt
  • Returning through Xai-Xai @ bridge:  40  Mt (only when going back to Maputo)

For more Info visit TRAC ... Click to view

(Toll fees in Mozambique are payable in Rand, Meticals & US dollars)

Places to stay on the way and up the Coast in Mozambique

  • Dortannies Overnight Selfcatering House. Three Bedrooms, Sleeps 6, contact Marinda van der Schyff on 083 462 6694 
  • Outside Maputo: Casa Lisa ( 258 82 304 1990
  • Outside Maraquene:  Blue Anchor
  • Xai Xai:  Honey Pot
  • Inharimme:  Jolly Roger

Exchanging Currecy in Mozambique

It is recommended that you exchange currency at banks in Mozambique. It is not advisable to exchange at the border and garages for security reasons.

Even though you can pay all in Rand at the resort, it is recommended that you exchange enough Rand to pay the tollgates, border fees & petrol/diesel in Meticals.

What you need to know about traveling in Mozambique

  • Roadblocks are a regular occurrence and it is not uncommon to be stopped at some of these.
  • Drive within the speed limit
  • Wear seatbelts
  • Make sure you have the blue & yellow sign if you are towing trailers or caravans
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Reflective vests
  • 2 x Triangles
  • ZA Sticker
  • Roadblock officials may require to see your driver’s license, 3rd party insurance and road tax (purchased at the border).
  • Avoid giving documents to the officials if you can.

We do not contend that corruption and bribery does not occur. It is reality as in most African countries. A friendly, humorous attitude will get you a long way. Intimidation may only succeed in aggravating a difficult situation. It is important to remember that you are a visitor to their country.

It is not advisable to travel after dark as towns and other vehicles rarely have any lights at all.

Some useful Portugese Terms

It is always convenient to know a few basic Portuguese words or phrases. It may come in handy.

Useful words / phrases:

  • Bom dia – good morning
  • Boa tarde – good afternoon
  • Boa noite – good evening
  • Por favour – please
  • Abrigado – thank you
  • Como esta – How are you
  • Estou bem – I am fine
  • Fala Ingles? – Do you speak English?
  • Náo comprehendo – I do not understand
  • Yes – Sim
  • Náo - No
  • Ciao – goodbye

Petrol & Diesel in Mozambique

A shortage of petrol and diesel is not a recurring problem. During Mozambique’s high tourist seasons, there is the possibility of scarcity at certain petrol stations. This problem may peak during the months of December and January.

There are stations in Maputo, Macia, Xai-Xai, Quissico, Inharime, Inhambane, Maxixe, Massinga, Vilanculos and Inhassoro.

Unleaded petrol is available in Mozambique. In addition there are certain petrol stations that operate at an exchange rate sometimes as low as 2.5. It is therefore suggested that you pay in Metcais at the garages.


  • Fill up at a station just before crossing the border. 
  • Petromoc in Xai-Xai - approximately 200 km from Maputo.
  • Further on, the small town of Inharime. - Fill up here before proceeding to Island Rock Resort
  • During your stay at Island Rock Resort, petrol and diesel are available at Inhambane and Maxixe.

Petrol gets more expensive the further north you go.


What you need and do at the Border Mozambique / South Africa

South African side

For entry to Mozambique you will need the following documents:

  • Driver’s license
  • Original vehicle registration papers
  • No firearms are to be brought into Mozambique.

Border times

  • Komatipoort: 7h00 – 22h00
  • (Open 24 hours during the busy December period)
  • Swaziland / Mozambique: 7h00 – 18h00
  • South Africa / Swaziland: 7h00 – 20h00
  • Kosi Bay / Ponta d Ouro: 8h00 – 17h00

The border can get very busy & confusing.
Procedures include the following:
SA side:

  • Fill in vehicle / goods export form
  • Get a gate pass
  • Get passports stamped

Mozambique side:

  • /- R 17 / 52700 Mt payable as non-citizen of Mozambique & get passports stamped
  • Third party insurance is compulsory. This can be acquired at the border or with Hollard at the Sasol garage just after the Komatipoort turn-off.
  • Buy temporary import permit for all vehicles including trailers
  • Should you require assistance at the Mozambique side of the border please call Ivu on 00258 82 495 3860.  His fee is currently R100 per vehicle.

Emergencies in Mozambique

If you are detained by the authorities or become destitute due to circumstances beyond your control, contact:

SA High Commission (Maputo) (01) 490 059 / 491 614 / 493 030 / 490 587 during office hours or 450 031 / 33 after hours.

Anti Corruption Unit:  00258 800 222 222 / 00258 82 800 2222 / 00258 84 800 2222

For minor medical problems, most of the major towns have a hospital or clinic. Malaria tests, for instance, are done very efficiently and are available within as little as 15 minutes.
In the event of a minor injury, basic medical provision is available. A good, trusted doctor is also within reach.

If you are in need of :

  • Tyres- Phone José at Maxipres in Maputo 258 21409723 258 21409723
  • Mechanic- Phone Antonio Paixão in Xai Xai 258 82 318 1900 258 82 318 1900
  • Spare Parts- Phone Almeida at Inharime Garage 258 84 398 1870 258 84 398 1870


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